Bohemian Manicure Set
Bohemian Manicure Set
Bohemian Manicure Set
Yaya Chique Boutique

Bohemian Manicure Set (6 styles available)

Regular price $19.00

Isn't it tragic when we are out and about and we chip a nail and frantically look to see if someone has a file or something to take care of that hang nail? Well, problem solved! These fit perfectly in your bag and they also make GREAT gifts....

  • bohemian fun graphics (both sides)
  • easily to open and close
  • complete manicure set
  • size: 4 1/2" x 3"
  • only "1" of each is available!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (See our return policy)
  • Receive a FREE accessory gift from me with your order

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